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Skydiving Dubai Palm dropzone: Skydive over Dubai's iconic Palm Jumeirah 

Sure, you've seen photos of the Palm Jumeirah –  breathtaking, right? But what if you could experience it from 13,000 feet?  Imagine the rush of freefalling towards this iconic island, the wind whipping through your hair as the turquoise waters of the Gulf and the city skyline stretch out before you. This isn't just sightseeing – this is skydiving at the Palm Dropzone, and it will leave you breathless. Read on to discover how you can turn this dream into reality.

Get ready to jump: Essential info for your Palm dropzone skydive

Safety First – Always
Jump timings & best time to skydive
Location & getting there
What to carry
What to wear
What to eat
Health & requirements

Skydiving at the Palm dropzone is incredibly safe. You'll be jumping with a highly experienced tandem instructor who will guide you through every step of the process.

Safety guidelines for first-timers:

  • Pre-jump briefing: Your instructor will give you a thorough briefing that covers everything you need to know, including proper positioning, safety procedures, and equipment operation.
  • Tandem jump: You'll be securely harnessed to a certified instructor who manages the jump, allowing you to relax and enjoy the experience.
  • Flight, drop and landing: It takes 20 to 30 minutes to reach a height of 13,000 feet. After reaching this height, you will take the leap securely harnessed to your instructor. As you descend from this height, the city unfolds before you, and you can gently float back to the landing zone. 
  • Before your jump, you'll complete a Skydive Dubai Tandem Waiver and Insurance Policy form outlining safety guidelines and responsibilities.
  • Timings: Palm dropzone operates daily (subject to weather conditions) from 8:00 am. Payment windows typically close by 2:30 pm.
  • Best time to skydive in Dubai is during the peak season between October and April when the weather is pleasant. Morning jumps (around 8:00 AM) offer cooler temperatures and calmer winds. However, given that this will be the busiest time in Dubai, you can expect a crowd. 
  • Book your jump in advance during peak season to secure your desired time slot.
  • Address: Palm Dropzone, Skydive Dubai, Al Seyahi Street, Mina Seyahi, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
  • Getting there:
    By car: Follow Sheikh Zayed Road (E11) towards Jumeirah and take the exit towards Dubai International Marine Club. Palm dropzone is located within the Club.
    Free parking is available on-site.
    By bus: Take RTA bus number 88 from Jumeirah Beach Park to Jumeirah Mosque. A short taxi ride from there will take you to the Palm dropzone.
    By metro: You cannot take a metro directly to Palm Dropzone. The nearest metro station is Sobha Realty Station on the Green Line, and hitch a taxi from there to the dropzone.
  • Valid photo ID: Bring a government-issued photo ID, such as your passport or Emirates ID, that matches the name on your booking.
  • Comfortable athletic clothing and closed-toe shoes are recommended. Dress for the weather conditions, but avoid loose clothing or anything that could snag.
  • Opt for a light and easily digestible meal at least 2-3 hours before jumping. Consider oatmeal with fruit and nuts, yogurt with granola and berries, or a banana and peanut butter sandwich.
  • Age: You must be 18 or older to skydive.
  • Health: For safety reasons, you must be in good health with no history of serious medical conditions. Certain medical conditions, such as pregnancy, heart problems, epilepsy, recent head/neck/back injuries, uncontrolled high blood pressure, severe respiratory issues, mental health conditions, or a history of drug/alcohol dependence, may restrict participation.
    You may be required to provide a doctor's clearance for certain pre-existing conditions.
  • Weight and Body Mass Index (BMI) restrictions apply:
    Women: Maximum weight of 90 kg (198 lbs) and BMI below 27.5.
    Men: Maximum weight of 100 kg (220 lbs) and BMI below 30.0.

Frequently asked questions about Skydive Dubai Palm dropzone:

How can I book skydiving Dubai Palm Dropzone?

Booking online is highly recommended. You can book your skydiving in Dubai at Palm dropzone tickets here.

What are the age and health requirements for skydiving at the Palm Dropzone?

You must be 18 years old or older (according to the Gregorian Calendar) on the day of the jump. Skydive Dubai also has weight limitations.
Women: 90.0 kg/ 198.0 lbs or less.
BMI: 27.5 or less
Men: lbs or less
BMI: 30.0 or less

Can I skydive solo at the Palm dropzone?

At the Palm dropzone, tandem skydiving with a certified instructor is mandatory for first-time jumpers. Solo skydiving requires significant experience and licensing.

How long does the entire skydiving experience take at the Palm Dropzone?

The entire experience, from arrival to landing, typically takes 3-4 hours. The freefall itself lasts for an exhilarating 60 seconds.

What's included in my skydiving Dubai at Palm Dropzone?

Your ticket includes tandem skydiving at the Palm dropzone with photos and videos.

What will I see during the freefall at the Palm dropzone?

Prepare to witness panoramic views of the iconic Palm Jumeirah island, the stunning Dubai coastline, and the vast Arabian Gulf stretching out below you.

How safe is skydiving at Dubai Palm dropzone?

Skydiving is a safe activity. They use state-of-the-art equipment, have highly trained instructors, and strictly follow rigorous safety protocols.

What safety measures are in place at the Palm dropzone?

Safety is always a priority. For this the equipment are meticulously maintained, highly trained instructors are employed, and comprehensive safety procedures are strictly adhered to for the entire jump experience.

Does my skydiving package include insurance?

Most packages include basic liability coverage. For added peace of mind, consider purchasing additional travel or personal accident insurance.

What should I wear for skydiving at the Palm dropzone?

Comfort is key! Opt for close-fitting clothing and sneakers. Long sleeves and pants are recommended for sun protection and potential scrapes during landing.

Can I bring personal belongings on the jump at the Palm dropzone?

Loose items like phones or jewelry are not allowed for safety reasons. Lockers are available to store your belongings securely while you skydive.

Can I take photos or videos of my skydive at the Palm dropzone?

Your tandem skydiving at the palm dropzone includes photos and videos.