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DubaiInfinity Des Lumieres

Dubai’s latest addition in its effort to become the ultimate tourist destination is the Infinity des Lumières (meaning Infinity of Lights), a digital art center set located at the Dubai Mall. Infinity des Lumieres hopes to change the people’s perspective of art by using advanced and cutting-edge technology. Visitors will be able to discover classical, modern, and contemporary artists through video installations and a spatialized sound system, making it an immersive experience. This page enlists everything you need to know about Infinity des Lumieres that will help you plan your visit better. 

Why Visit Infinity des Lumières

Visit Infinity des Lumieres
  • Enjoy an immersive, one-of-a-kind cultural experience made possible by advanced technology. 
  • Watch art comes to life through a sensory-based democratic approach made possible using 130 projectors and 58 speakers in a venue that is spread across 2,700 sq m.
  • Enjoy the works of Vincent Van Gogh like never before.
  • Immerse yourself into the beautiful world of 19th century Japan with works created by Hokusai.
  • Enter the cosmic world as envisioned by filmmaker Thomas Vanz.

Your Infinity des Lumières Tickets Explained

Infinity des Lumières Tickets will soon be available for purchase.

Best Way to Buy Infinity des Lumières Tickets

At this moment, the best option is to purchase Infinity des Lumières tickets online. 

  • Advance Booking: As Infinity des Lumières only allows a limited number of visitors, booking online would allow you reserved your slot ahead of time, ensuring that you don’t miss out on this wonderful experience. 
  • Convenience: Skip the long queues and book your ticket with just a click. We are also available on phone, chat, and email 24/7 to answer all queries.
  • Safety: Enjoy cashless transactions and avoid crowds by purchasing your Infinity des Lumières tickets online.
  • Discounts: You can avail of discounts and deals offered by third-party websites when booking your Infinity des Lumières tickets online.

What to Do at Infinity Des Lumieres

At the moment, Infinity des Lumières is showcasing three exhibitions.

Inifnity des Lumieres Van Gogh Exhibit

Feel Every Moment

With the help of digital displays and enchanting music, experience the genius of the “mad painter” Van Gogh. Take a journey through Van Gogh’s evolution as an artist through his works from The Potato Eaters (1885), Sunflowers (1888), and Starry Night (1889) to Bedroom at Arles (1889). The swirl of vibrant colors, delicate shapes, and enchanting music come together to make this an experience that engages all the senses.

Inifnity des Lumieres Dreamed Japan Exhibit

Feel Every Colour

Step inside the world of 19th-century Japan with Hokusai’s portraits of landscapes and the sea. The interplay of light, color, sound, and rhythm embodies the ukiyo-e art movement, a concept which translates literally as ‘Pictures of the Floating World’. Watch animations of geishas and samurais, along with Hokusai’s woodblock series, including his masterpiece, ‘The Great Wave off Kanagawa’, which will make history feel like the present. 

Inifnity des Lumieres Verse Exhibit

Feel Every Sound 

Go on a journey like never before at this exhibition that was created specifically for immersive art spaces. Curated by filmmaker Thomas Vanz, Verse features a medley of colors, shapes and sounds that works in harmony to showcase the magic of the cosmos. The experience of watching the harmonious movement of the cosmos is amplified with an orchestral piece composed by Jonathan Fitas.

Plan Your Visit to Infinity des Lumières

Getting There
Infinity des Lumieres Dubai Mall
  • Sunday to Wednesday: 10 AM – 9 PM
  • Thursday to Saturday: 10 AM – 11 PM

Show Sessions will be held every half an hour.

Last show starts 1-hour prior to closing.

Duration: It will take you about 1 hour and 15 minutes to make your way through all three exhibitions.

Best time to visit: As Infinity des Lumières is only allowing a limited number of visitors, you might not be able to spend more than 1 hour here if there are many guests. Avoid crowds and plan your visit for the earlier hours.

Getting to Infinity des Lumieres Dubai Mall

Address: The Dubai Mall - Level 2, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Find on Map

The Infinity des Lumières main entrance is in front of Galeries Lafayette.

By Metro: Take the M1 metro line and get off at Burj Khalifa Station. It is an 8-minute walk from here. Take The glass tunnel travellator link between Burj Khalifa/The Dubai Mall Station and The Dubai Mall to enjoy the view of Downtown Dubai while you walk across. 

By Bus: Route 27 from the Deira Gold Souk station and route 29 from Ghubaiba bus station arrives at the tourist drop-off area on the Lower Ground Floor of The Dubai Mall.

By Car: Dubai Mall is located on Financial Center Road. They have three parking areas, with more than 14,000 spaces. 

Near Infinity des Lumieres- Burj Khalifa
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  • Burj Khalifa: A trip to Dubai would be incomplete without getting a view of Dubai from the top of this architectural masterpiece
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Visitor Tips

  • Book your tickets online and ahead of time. 
  • Food and beverages are not available in the art center, but you can head to the Dubai Mall Foodcourt to grab some food after or before your visit. 
  • As they use strobe lights, many moving images, and loud music, this attraction is not recommended for people with epilepsy or similar conditions.
  • There are no restrooms inside the venue. However, there are many located inside the Dubai Mall, with the closest one located to the left side of the art center.
  • They have small and large lockers available for free of charge for visitors. 
  • Smoking is not allowed in the venue.
  • They have a lift installed for people with mobility issues so that they can reach the mezzanine. 
  • Alcoholic beverages, sharp objects and tools, placards, or banners, musical instruments, and recreational devices such as drones are not allowed inside. 
  • Photography is allowed, but only for personal use and without the use of a flash or a tripod. 

All Your Questions About Infinity des Lumières Tickets Answered

Q. What is Infinity des Lumières?

A. Infinity des Lumieres is a fully immersive digital art center that uses cutting edge technology to change the way people perceive art.

Q. How can I buy Infinity des Lumières tickets?

A. You can buy Infinity des Lumières tickets online.

Q. What are Infinity des Lumières timings?

A. Infinity des Lumières is open Sunday to Wednesday from 10 AM to 9 PM and Thursday to Saturday from 10 AM to 11 PM.

Q. How many exhibitions are there inside Infinity des Lumières?

A. Infinity des Lumières is currently showcasing three exhibitions: Van Gogh, Dreamed Japan and Verse.

Q. How much time do you need at the Infinity des Lumières?

A. It takes about an hour and 15 minutes to see all three exhibits.

Q. Are strollers available inside Infinity des Lumières?

A. No strollers are not available inside Infinity des Lumières.

Q. Are wheelchairs available inside Infinity des Lumières?

A. No wheelchairs are not available inside Infinity des Lumières.

Q. Is Infinity des Lumières kid-friendly?

A. Yes, Infinity des Lumières is suitable for kids?

Q. Is photography allowed inside Infinity des Lumières?

A. Yes, photography is allowed, but only for personal purposes.