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Infinity des Lumières: Feel the Future Now Tickets

AED 125
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  • Traverse the expanse of the cosmos in the immersive Destination Cosmos exhibit at Infinity des Lumières.
  • Check out the program Feel The Future_Now which also gives you access to a path-breaking data exhibition – Dubai Data.
  • Listen to an introductory prologue of the digital interstellar show produced in partnership with Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre.
  • Journey through 13 sequences in the exhibit with stunning visuals of the universe sourced from CNES, NASA, and MBRSC.
  • Travel along the ravines of Mars, soar to the moons of Jupiter, and skate across the rings of Saturn.
  • Cross the borders of our solar system and witness the beauty of stars, nebulae, and supernovae.
  • Witness the human desire to explore the universe through our many attempts chronicled in Destination Cosmos.
  • Be enthralled by the spectacular storytelling of this project coupled with a diverse music soundtrack.
  • Visiting the Dubai Data exhibition, immerse yourself in this highly unique experience developed exclusively for Infinity des Lumières by Ouchhh studio.
  • It's a multi-sensory experience that translates Dubai's natural elements and landscape into a fusion of data and art. You'll be exploring the city through data painting and AI, redefining the way the city is seen and felt.

This ticket cannot be canceled, amended, or refunded.

Museum of Illusions Dubai Tickets

AED 75
Mobile Ticket
Instant Confirmation
Free Cancellation
Skip the Line
  • Visit the Museum of Illusions which redefines perception in a quirky manner.
  • Waste no time waiting around in long queues with exclusive skip the line entry
  • Experience the mind-bending phenomenon of optical illusion.
  • Witness different angles of your face as you view yourself through full-length mirrors in the Infinity Room.
  • Feel dizzy as you step into The Vortex tunnel with its whacky lighting and illusions.
  • The museum includes several other rooms like the Tilted Room and the Chair Illusion Room.
  • Use your gifted cognitive abilities through numerous perplexing puzzles and games.
  • Get a full refund on canceling this ticket up to 24 hours before the schedule.

Museum of The Future Dubai Tickets

AED 145
Mobile Ticket
Instant Confirmation
  • Point of View: It is the year 2071, and since you stepped into the museum, a whole lot has changed! Walk past exhibitions that straddle the past and future in a beautiful blend.
  • At the Museum of the future, watch futuristic technology and sustainable solutions come together under one time-traveling roof!
  • The Exteriors: Admire the gleaming 77-meter torus-shaped structure with calligraphy panels all around. The absence of columns inside makes this structure quite a feat in modern engineering.
  • The Interiors: Spread across 5 floors are 5 different chapters for you: each with distinctive problem statements, goals, and ideas. Start on floor 5 and make your way down, floor-by-floor in a cascading fashion.
  • The 5 chapters cover themes of climate change, ecology, health, wellness, spirituality, imagination, and the future of space travel and living.
  • Floor 6 is private and inaccessible. Floor 7 is the Events Hall, where you may enter. The main exhibits are only on floors 1 through 5.
  • Remember: You are an important contributor to the overall experience and not just a viewer of someone else’s work.

Zoom up on a space shuttle simulation (replete with a countdown, realistic shuttle sounds, and movements). Dock on the 5th floor where your tour officially begins!

  • Chapter 1: OSS Hope (Floor 5) - Enter the station's command center and learn about the missions, discoveries, and inventions OSS Hope has undertaken of late. PS- the 3D walls around you are made from recycled material!
  • Chapter 2: Heal Institute (Floor 4) - Walk through a marvelous digital Amazon and gasp at the remarkable DNA Library of 2000+ species as you learn more about the negative effects of climate change.
  • Chapter 3: Al Waha (Floor 3) - "The Oasis" is a place for you to disconnect from technology and revive your senses as you walk past a bunch of interactive sessions.
  • Chapter 4: Tomorrow Today (Floor 2) - Explore the various changes the world has seen with the technological leaps since the year 2022. Remember, the focus is on leading our planet to a better tomorrow.
  • Chapter 5: Future Heroes (Floor 1) - Take your children (our future heroes) to the final leg of your tour and let their imagination run wild as they engage in various interactive sessions.
  • The design theme for the Museum of the Future is inspired by the famous "Feng Shui" concept.
  • The Museum of the Future has no corners or columns. It is quite an architectural feat.
  • The Arabic calligraphy engraved all over the exteriors of the building is approximately 700 words. These words are taken from the poems of HH Sheik Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum.
  • This is a LEED-certified Museum that acts as the perfect example of the region's low-carbon structures.
  • This ticket cannot be canceled, amended, or rescheduled.

Combo (Save 16%): Museum Of The Future + Burj Khalifa at the Top Tickets

From AED 339AED 284.21
Save 16%
  • With this super practical combo, gain access to the visionary Museum of the Future and experience spectacular views from the Burj Khalifa.
  • The Museum of the Future allows you to imagine what the future could be like in the year 2071.
  • You’re sure to be hypnotized by the building – an engineering marvel that is both traditional and futuristic in its facade.
  • The Museum of the Future invites you to be open to possibilities, face the unknown, and look into the future so you can better the present.
  • By exploring the 5 Chapters (floors) of the museum, you’ll learn about different themes and how everything is ultimately joined together.
  • Experience an expansive environment containing exhibits and attractions tackling topics such as health, ecology, humanity, climate change, the planet’s wellness, and more.
  • Zoom up to the 124th level of the iconic Burj Khalifa and experience stunning views of the city.
  • The floor-to-ceiling glass walls showcase Dubai in all forms – city, desert, sky, and sea.
  • After soaking in the views, drop by The Cafe on the ground floor and enjoy a complimentary cup of coffee or a soft drink.

Museum of the Future

  • Timed entry into the Museum of the Future
  • Access to all floors (except floor 6)

Burj Khalifa

  • Exclusive Access to Level 124 and The Cafe
  • Complimentary cup of coffee or a soft drink (to be picked up from the counter)

Burj Khalifa

  • No large pieces of luggage are allowed inside. You can check them in at the Secure Baggage Area located near the entrance. Handbags, cameras, and other small accessories are allowed inside. However, any photography for commercial or business purposes at the Burj is strictly prohibited.
  • Enjoy your hot beverage once you return from the observation deck.
  • Entry to the Burj Khalifa is time-specific. However, once you're inside, you can stay for as long as you like. People on average spend 40-45 minutes at the observatory.
  • This ticket cannot be canceled, amended or refunded.

Dubai's rise to prominence as a global village is a story for the ages. Books can provide insight, but museums in Dubai are perfect for learning more about the city's history. There are many museums in Dubai, but here are some of the most popular ones.

15 Best Museums in Dubai

14. Al Bastakiya

History Museum

Visit Al Bastakiya to see Dubai before the skyscrapers and oil. The buildings here are centuries old and made from coral, gypsum and palm wood.

Why Visit: The art gallery in the Al Bastakiya is a haven if you love contemporary Arabic paintings and artwork.

Timings: 7 AM to 8 PM (Everyday)

Address: Bur Dubai - Al Hamriya - Dubai - United Arab Emirates. Find on map

15. Camel Museum

Culture Museum

Of course, there's a museum dedicated to camels in Dubai. The site allows visitors to learn about the camels of the Arabian Peninsula.

Why Visit: Camels and Dubai are intertwined. The Camel Museum tells the sweet tale of the connection between a camel and a man.

Timings: 8 AM to 2 PM (Sunday to Thursday)

Address: 779Q+9V7 Al Shandagha Historical District - Dubai - United Arab Emirates. Find on map

Art Museums in Dubai

Check out the best Art Museums in Dubai.

History Museums in Dubai

Relive the past at these history museums in Dubai.

Science Museums in Dubai

Step into the future at these science museums in Dubai.

Frequently Asked Questions About Top Museums in Dubai

What are the best museums in Dubai?

The Pearl Museum, the History of Cinema Museum, and the Dubai Museum are considered among the best museums in Dubai.

What are 3 famous museums in Dubai?

Every museum in Dubai has a unique offering. However, the Etihad Museum, the Museum Of The Future, and the Museum of Illusions are a few famous museums in Dubai.

What are the best museums in Dubai for art?

The History of Cinema Museum is a place for art lovers. It shows the journey of motion pictures, allowing you to watch movies on a 17th-century camera.

What are the best museums in Dubai for science?

The Museum Of The Future and the Museum of Illusions are two fantastic science museums in Dubai you cannot miss! Each offers a scientific experience of a lifetime.

What are the best museums in Dubai for history?

Dubai is flooded with history museums. The Etihad Museum, the Dubai Museum, and the Saruq Al-Hadid Museum are some popular history museums in Dubai.

What is the name of the famous museum in Dubai?

The Museum Of The Future is possibly the most famous museum in Dubai.

What's the most interesting museum in Dubai?

Every Dubai Museum has something unique, although the Coffee Museum and the Camel Museum are interesting places.

What's the biggest museum in Dubai?

The Dubai Museum is the biggest museum in Dubai.

How many museums are there in Dubai?

Dubai is home to 15-20 fascinating museums.

What is Dubai's biggest museum?

The Dubai Museum and the Museum Of The Future are among the biggest museums in Dubai.

Are most museums in Dubai free?

Yes, most museums in Dubai are free.