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A Guide to Visiting Dubai in February | Attractions, Malls & More


If freezing cold winds feel like a nightmare to you but you also don’t want to squander your February sitting back at home, then visiting Dubai in February, with its pleasingly optimum weather, might come to you as a blessing. The epicenter of architectural marvels and adventurous experiences, Dubai witnesses the most jovial atmosphere in February owing to its mild weather conditions. From music festivals to extravagant shopping fiestas, February in Dubai offers you more enthralling events than you’d be able to experience. But we are here to make sure you do not miss any of the memorable ones.

Is February a Good Time to Visit Dubai?

Dubai has a pleasing weather conditions at the time of February, the weather allows tourists and locals to have a pleasurable experience while visiting all the attractions and events around the city.

Dubai in February - Why Visit

Why You Should Visit 

  • Friendly climate
  • Less tourist influx
  • Many events and attractions
  • Shopping festivals and concerts
Dubai in February

What to Look Out For

  • The risk of sandstorms is high. Keep a track of weather conditions and plan your outings accordingly.
  • Religious prohibitions are mild for tourists. Just follow the laws of the country and behave provocatively.
  • Check the time of Ramdan’s holiday as most attractions open for a shorter time.

Overview of Weather in Dubai in February

Dubai in February

More About Weather in Dubai in February

How hot is Dubai in February?

Dubai is not too warm in February. As winter sets in, the temperature high is 25°C and the average temperature low is 16°C.

Can You Swim at the Beaches in Dubai in February?

Numerous beaches in Dubai provide a great comfort zone to swim for a long time and enjoy water sports, particularly in February. The average sea temperature is 72°F.

Does it rain in Dubai in February?

The wettest month in Dubai is February with an average rainfall of 35mm.

Is Dubai Windy in February?

In February the wind speed in Dubai is essentially constant. It receives breezes from the northwest.      

Best Things to do in Dubai in February

Dubai in February
Dubai in February
Dubai in February
Dubai in February
Dubai in February
Dubai in February

6. Atlantis Aquaventure Water Park


Enjoying the largest water park which is in the middle east is the treat that you owe to yourself and your family. The Waterpark is famous for its marine activities, iconic attractions, children’s play zone, and thrilling rides that is sure to wake the kid within you. 

Dubai in February
Dubai in February
Dubai in February
Dubai in February

10. Skydiving

Skydiving | Adventure Activity

Dubai is a city that is known for its luxury and extravagance. However, skydiving in Dubai is an experience that you will never forget. The view from the top of the skyscrapers in Dubai is absolutely breathtaking, and the adrenaline rush you get from jumping out of a plane is something that you will never be able to replicate.

Dubai in February

11. Ski Dubai 

Skiing | Adventure Activity

Nothing measures the thrill and fun of skiing at the first indoor ski resort in the middle east - Ski Dubai. Set in the theme of mountains, Ski Dubai has a massive area set to satiate all your cravings for fun experiences. Go rolling through the snow, make failed attempts at skiing, enjoy snow fights, and return delighted after having enjoyed a wholesome meal at the themed restaurants.

Dubai in February

12. Jumeirah Beach

Beach | Must-Visit

Visit one of the most popular tourist places in Dubai and enjoy some leisure time at Jumeirah Beach. Located on Al Fahidi, this is one of the oldest beaches in Dubai. From Burj Al Arab to Wild Wadi Waterpark, the waterfront is lined with a few of the most lively attractions that bespeak Dubai’s marvelous architecture.   

Top Experiences & Things to do in Dubai in February


Events in Dubai in February

Dubai in February
Dubai in February
Dubai in February

Valentine’s Day

Date: 14 Feb

Do not miss the chance of speaking your heart out to your loved one in the magical land of Dubai. Celebrate Valentine’s Day with your special one over a candlelit dinner against Dubai’s glamorous skyline in the magnificent ocean liner. Plan a romantic staycation in February and create unforgettable memories for a lifetime.

Shopping in Dubai in February

If shopping is a religion for you, visiting Dubai in February will be no less than a pilgrimage. Dubai’s souks are the vibrant marketplaces that allow you to experience the raw culture of Dubai while laying your hands on the best-in-class products. The best-known souks of Dubai include Gold Souk, Spice Souk, Perfume Souk, and textile souk. The pleasant weather makes the experience of strolling across the streets and shop hopping even more likable. The famous souks such as Souk AL Bahar and Souk Madinat Jumeirah also boast a great range of nightclubs, restaurants, and theatres to add to the experience.

Know Before You Visit Dubai in February

Travel Essentials
What to Wear
What to Pack
Dubai in February
Dubai in February

What to Wear in Dubai in February

  • February has favorable weather conditions that most people can easily adjust to.
  • As the dress code is quite liberal in Dubai, people can wear comfortable clothes.
  • Carry shorts, skirts, and trousers.
  • A light jacket and a pair of long pants, long skirts to keep the cold away.

Dubai in February

What to Pack in Dubai in February

  • Power Adapter: type F plug (grounded) or a type C plug (non-grounded).
  • Carry are shorts, trousers, skirts, socks, light jackets, sweaters, coats, and long pants.
  • Comfortable shoes for your outdoor explorations.
  • Pack a swimsuit for the waterparks and beaches.

Dubai in February

Getting Around Dubai in February

By Metro: Dubai has an excellent Metro system that makes getting around a breeze. Tickets cost just AED 4, and can be bought from machines at any metro station. Metro map.

By Taxi: Dubai is a city that is best explored by taxi. The fares are reasonable, and the drivers are knowledgeable about the city.

By Bus: With a large fleet of 1,518 buses, you can avail this convenient means to visit the various attractions and theme parks in Dubai. Bus map.

By Boat: There are a few different ways to get around Dubai. There are a few different options when it comes to boats. You can take a traditional wooden dhow, an air-conditioned abra or a modern motorboat.

Dubai in February

Where to Stay in Dubai in February

With a wide range of lodging alternatives to choose from, Dubai caters to virtually any budget. The city has something for everyone, whether it's luxury hotels or cheap apartments.

  • Budget Hotels: Royal Ascot Hotel, Fortune Hotel Deira, Arabian Park Hotel, City Max, Bur Dubai,
  • Mid-range: At the Top, Dubai Beach Host, UAE Youth Hostel Association, Hey Beach, Central Dubai
  • Luxury Hotels: Atlantis, The Palm, One & Only Royal Mirage, Burj Al Arab, Sofitel The Palm, Al Qasr, Kempinski, and Ritz Carlton
Dubai in February

What to eat in Dubai in February

Dubai is a city with a lot of diversity, and this is reflected in the food options available. The food is generally quite affordable, especially if you're eating at local spots.

  • Manousheh: The local pizza of Dubai serves well for a luscious breakfast. Manousheh is similar to a pizza but differs in exotic toppings like salty Akkawi cheese and earthy za’atar herbs.
  • Kanafeh:  Also known as the queen of Arabic desserts, the Kanafeh is made up of sweet cheese or semolina dough as a sticky pastry.
  • Iranian Sangak: The Iranian Sangak is perfect for bread lovers. It is made up of whole wheat and gluten-free scratch which serves well for health freaks and foodies.

Hacks & Tips to Visit Dubai in February

  • Make sure to pack light! The weather in Dubai in February can be quite hot and humid, so it's best to pack clothing that will keep you cool.
  • Try to avoid going during peak tourist season. Although Dubai is a wonderful city to visit any time of year, the crowds can be quite large during peak season.
  • If you're looking to save money on your trip, consider booking your hotel and flights separately. This will help you get the best rates possible on each part of your trip independently.
  • If you're going to be in Dubai for a few days, consider renting an apartment rather than a hotel room. Hotels can become quite pricy after a while! An apartment is a great alternative if you're looking for more space.
  • If you're looking to save money on transportation, consider getting a metro card that can be used on both the Dubai Metro and Dubai Tram. It's always best to do your research before your trip, rather than getting stuck with extra fees!
  • Be wary of certain days during peak season. Fridays are often busy for religious reasons, as it is a religious day for many Dubai locals.
  • If you're going to be in Dubai for a few days, consider getting a rechargeable metro card. This will help you save money if you're taking the metro often.
  • Don't forget to pack sunscreen and water throughout your trip! It might not seem like it at first but the sun can get quite strong in Dubai, especially during peak season. Make sure to protect yourself!
  • The sand at beaches can be quite hot on your feet and the sun will soak through even the darkest clothing, so it's best to be prepared.

All Your Questions About Visiting Dubai in February Answered

Is February a good time to visit Dubai?

Visiting Dubai in February is a great idea as the weather conditions are pleasant and comfortable.

What are the best things to do in Dubai in February?

The best things to do in Dubai in February include attending the Dubai Food Festival, going on a desert safari, exploring the city's many malls, and visiting the Dubai Museum. If you're looking for something more active, you can also try your hand at sandboarding or camel riding. And of course, no trip to Dubai would be complete without spending time on its beautiful beaches.

Is Dubai cold in February?

The climate is warm in Dubai in February.

How hot is Dubai in February?

Dubai is recorded with an average high temperature is 24ºC during February.

Can you swim in Dubai in February?

February is very pleasant for swimming in Dubai. You can enjoy water sports and swimming activities for a longer time as the sea temperature is 72°F

Is it sunny in Dubai in February?

Dubai has a typical hot desert climate. Although, as February is winter, the city is moderately sunny with a little rain.

What clothes can I wear in Dubai in February?

Opt to wear short-sleeve tops, a below-knee skirt, a summer dress, linen trousers.

Is it rainy in Dubai in February?

February is the wettest month in Dubai with an average of 30mm of rain.

Is Dubai expensive to visit?

Accommodation and tourist attraction tickets can be quite expensive. We'd recommend planning your budget to Dubai in advance.

What are the major events in Dubai in February?

Dubai International Jazz Festival and the Dubai Food Festival are the major events in Dubai in February.

What is the average temperature of Dubai in February?

February is a great time to visit Dubai with the pleasant weather at average temperatures of 20ºC.

What are the best things to do with kids in Dubai in February?

Dubai is a popular destination for tourists all year round, but it's especially great for kids in February owing to the pleasant weather to explore the various theme parks and waterparks for kids.

Is Dubai safe?

Dubai has low crime rates and is safe for tourists. However, be aware of petty pickpocketers.