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La Perle is the Middle East’s first permanent show. An artistic performance using imagery and technology, La Perle showcases the story of UAE’s pearl diving history. La Perle is located in the heart of Al Habtoor City, Dubai’s entertainment district, and stages about 450 performances a year. Stay on this page to find out everything you need to know about La Perle Dubai.

About La Perle Dubai

about La Perle Dubai

La Perle | Quick Facts

Official Name: La Perle DXB by Dragone

Location: Al Habtoor City, 260 Sheikh Zayed Rd., Business Bay – Dubai

Date of Opening: August 2017

Timings: La Perle shows are at 6:30 PM and 9 PM from Tuesday to Saturday.

Number of Visitors Per Year: Several hundred thousand visitors from across the world.

Where is La Perle Located?

about la perle dubai

Address: Al Habtoor City, 260 Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

La Perle is located in the heart of Dubai. You can locate the La Perle DXB show in Al Habtoor City, an entertainment and luxury region on the banks of the Dubai Canal

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La Perle Show Timings

about La Perle Dubai

Why is La Perle Famous?

 La Perle can be called a larger-than-life show. The 1300-seat theater is arranged at a 270-degree seating angle, allowing spectators to immerse in the breathtaking action. Another exciting fact is that the tailor-made aqua theater is filled with 2.7 million liters of water during the performance and is drained in less than a minute. You can watch artists diving into water from 25 meters above and performing gravity-defying maneuvers. The show features 65 artists who perform everything from acrobatics to aquatic and aerial stunts.

Who is Franco Dragone?

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La Perle Dubai is designed by legendary European creative director Franco Dragone. One of the innovators of theater entertainment, Franco Dragone invented a genre combining human performance with choreography, technology, and music.

Dragone is credited for creating spectacular theater performances for Pop singer Celine Dion, an aquatic ballet routine called Le Reve in Las Vegas, and the iconic water-based show, The House of Dancing Water in Macau. Franco Dragone says that La Perle is inspired by the spirit of Dubai and will reflect the beauty and flavors of Arabia.

What is the story of La Perle?

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La Perle is designed as a fairy tale. The story is largely inspired by the history of Dubai and its population of pearl divers. The characters are based on traditional tales. The show, however, isn't just about the past. It transcends a universal time frame to highlight the rise of Dubai and humanity.

La Perle resorts to the unique technique of its artistic director Franco Dragone to tell the story using sound, lights, and projections. Nearly 65 daredevil artists are part of the show.

What are the characters in La Perle?

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There are six main characters in La Perle. The King, who is a greedy and childish pearl collector, Pearl, a girl from the real world who is a foreigner to the land. Antar is a gladiator and lover of Pearl, but his gratitude to the greedy King is undying.

Prince is the servant of the King and the antagonist in the tale. Lion, inspired by the traditional Chinese character, is the King's pet. Finally, there are the Cyborgs wearing bright outfits, who come from the future.

The Architecture of the La Perle Stage & Auditorium

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La Perle is a permanent show and the secret to its lavish style lies in the spectacular tailor-made theater. The show features death-defying stunts, acrobatics, diving from meters above, and motorcycle tricks. The 1300 seats in the theater are designed with a 270-degree vision. The water stage is filled with 2.7 million liters of water and can be drained in minutes to take the performance to the next level. The La Perle theater was designed by the renowned Jean Rabasse.

La Perle Dubai Tickets

Tickets to La Perle By Dragone
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Frequently Asked Questions About La Perle Dubai

Q. What is La Perle?

A. La Perle DXB by Dragone is a permanent show in Dubai that features acrobatics, technology, and action on a specially designed aqua stage.

Q. Where is La Perle?

A. The La Perle auditorium is located in the Al Habtoor City in Dubai.

Q. What is La Perle famous for?

A. La Perle is famous for its acrobatic and artistic performances and technological innovations.

Q. Why should I visit La Perle?

A. La Perle is the only permanent show in the region, featuring world-class, never before seen performances. The show is designed by world-famous artistic director Franco Dragone.

Q. How do I book tickets to visit La Perle?

A. La Perle tickets are available online.

Q. How much does it cost to visit La Perle?

A. La Perle tickets cost AED 209.

Q. When did La Perle open?

A. La Perle opened in August 2017.

Q. What are the La Perle opening hours?

A. The La Perle show timings are at 6:30 PM and 9 PM from Tuesday to Saturday.

Q. Is it worth visiting La Perle?

A. Yes, La Perle is an amazing show that you should not miss! It combines acrobatics, diving into water from 25 meters above, and stunning motorcycle tricks.

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