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All You Need to Know About LEGOLAND® Dubai Opening Hours


Open 10am–6pm

Last Admission



Jan 1 TO Dec 31 Timings

Days (Jan 1 TO Dec 31)

TIMINGSLast Admission
Monday 10:00am–6:00pm 5:30pm
Tuesday 10:00am–6:00pm 5:30pm
Wednesday (Today)10:00am–6:00pm 5:30pm
Thursday 10:00am–6:00pm 5:30pm
Friday 10:00am–6:00pm 5:30pm
Saturday 10:00am–7:00pm 6:30pm
Sunday 10:00am–7:00pm 6:30pm

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LEGOLAND® Dubai Opening Hours

LEGOLAND® Water Park
LEGOLAND Dubai Opening Hours
  • General Timings: 10 AM to 6 PM on weekdays and from 10 AM to 7 PM on weekends ( Saturday and Sunday)
  • Last Admission: The last admission for visitors is usually one hour before the park's closing time.
LEGOLAND Dubai Opening Hours
  • General Timings: The LEGOLAND® Water Park typically operates from 10 AM to 5 PM, allowing visitors to enjoy various water-themed LEGO®attractions.
  • Last Admission: The last admission is usually at 5 PM. 
  • Closed: Every Wednesday

What’s the Best Time to Visit LEGOLAND® Dubai?

Best Time to Visit LEGOLAND Dubai

Peak Season vs Low Season

  • Peak Season: October- March
  • Low Season: April-September

Peak Season at LEGOLAND® Dubai spans from October to March, aligning with Dubai's cooler months. During this time, the city experiences pleasant weather, drawing in higher tourist numbers. Prices tend to surge for accommodations and attractions, and crowds can be notably dense, particularly during holidays and special events. However, the park features extended operating hours and a lively atmosphere.

On the flip side, the Low Season from April to September sees scorching temperatures, leading to decreased tourism. The upside is lower prices for accommodations and fewer visitors at LEGOLAND® Dubai. Although the weather might be a deterrent for outdoor activities, it offers a quieter, more relaxed park experience with shorter queues and more manageable crowd levels.

Best Time to Visit LEGOLAND Dubai

Weekday vs Weekend

LEGOLAND® Dubai gets busy on Fridays and Saturdays because many people visit on these days. More people mean longer lines and a busier feel. To enjoy quieter times with shorter lines, try going on Tuesdays or Thursdays, and Wednesdays if you don’t want to visit the Waterpark which is closed then. Mornings or late afternoons during weekdays are even better for fewer crowds.

How Long Should I Spend at LEGOLAND® Dubai? 

To enjoy LEGOLAND® Dubai and the Water Park, it’s ideal that you plan your visit for 1 full day. There are lots of things to do—over 40 fun attractions! If you only have half a day, come early to fit in as much as you can. And make sure to visit the huge LEGO® store at least an hour before it closes so the kids can pick out their favorite LEGO® sets.

Frequently Asked Questions About LEGOLAND® Dubai Opening Hours

Is LEGOLAND® Dubai open every day?

LEGOLAND® Dubai is open most days of the week, except for Wednesdays when it remains closed for LEGOLAND® Water Park.

What are the LEGOLAND® Dubai opening hours?

The park usually opens its doors at 10 AM and operates until 6 PM, providing ample time for visitors to enjoy various attractions. On weekdays, usually on Saturday and Sunday, the park closes at 7 PM. The water park closes at 5 PM.

Does the LEGOLAND® Dubai have evening hours?

No, LEGOLAND® Dubai doesn't extend its hours into the evening. The park typically closes at 7 PM.

Are there any specific timings for the last admission?

To ensure visitors have sufficient time to experience the park, the last admission is generally at 7 PM and the water park at 5 PM.

When is LEGOLAND® Dubai closed?

LEGOLAND® Dubai WaterPark is closed on Wednesdays but operates on other days of the week.

How long should I spend at LEGOLAND® Dubai?

For a thorough experience, consider spending at least 1 full day due to the numerous attractions available. Try purchasing a LEGOLAND® Dubai combo ticket for amusement and a water park for experiencing a considerable time over there.

What is the best time to visit LEGOLAND® Dubai?

Weekdays, particularly Tuesdays, are less crowded, providing a more relaxed visit compared to busier weekends.

Is LEGOLAND® Dubai open on public holidays?

Yes, it's usually open on public holidays, but check the schedule for any special arrangements or extended hours.

Should I visit LEGOLAND® Dubai on a public holiday?

Yes, you can visit on a public holiday but expect larger crowds on public holidays, so if possible, opt for weekdays to avoid the rush.

What are the LEGOLAND® Dubai opening hours for public holidays?

The park timings remain the same for public holidays at 10 AM. However, the park might adjust opening hours on public holidays.