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A Guide to Visiting Dubai in March | Attractions, Malls & More

Talk about extravagant lifestyle, luxurious cars, golden sand beaches, skyscraping buildings, and in no time you will be transcended to the land of dreams – Dubai. The natural beauty of this palm tree-lined land along with the exemplary architecture are a few of the many reasons that the country experiences a rush of tourists from across the globe. The city is brimming with lively people throughout the year and March is no different. With the onset of spring, the pleasant weather of Dubai in March makes it a must-visit. Here’s everything you need to know before you book your tickets for an Arabian odyssey.

Is March a Good Time to Visit Dubai?

Dubai is typically warm and dry yet March is much better off with bearable temperatures. So visiting Dubai in March is simply amazing as the weather is largely pleasant.

Dubai in March - Why visit

Why You Should Visit 

  • March is exciting if you are willing to notch every spot of Dubai in March
  • You can experience all the activities in Dubai weather in March
  • Enjoy unusual spring nature
  • Incredibly diversity throughout the month
  • Metro and taxis are quite affordable modes of transport.
Dubai in March - What to Look Out For

What to Look Out For

  • Chilly weather in the evenings can disappoint you. If you are someone who doesn’t like the cold, you should think twice before visiting Dubai in March.
  • Dubai is an expensive city so look out for some budget-friendly places.
  • The weather may turn humid, so prepare yourself for the same.

Overview of Weather in Dubai in March

Dubai in March - Weather

More About Weather in Dubai in March

How hot is Dubai in March?

Dubai is definitely hot in March, with temperatures regularly reaching into the high 30s Celsius (around 100 Fahrenheit). However, it's still possible to find some respite from the heat, whether by heading to the beach or exploring one of Dubai's many malls and attractions.

Can you swim at beaches in Dubai in March?

Yes, you can swim on beaches in Dubai in March. The water temperature is still relatively warm, so it's a great time to take a dip. Just be sure to avoid swimming during peak hours, as the sun can be quite intense.

Does it rain in Dubai in March?

March is generally a very dry month in Dubai, so you're not likely to see too much rain. However, there can be some occasional showers, so it's always best to pack an umbrella just in case.

Is Dubai windy in March?

Dubai is usually quite windy in March, so be prepared for some gusts while you're out and about. The good news is that the wind can help to keep you cool, so it's not all bad!

Best Things to do in Dubai in March

Dubai in March - Burj Khalifa
Dubai in May - Desert Safari
Dubai in March- Dhow Cruise
Dubai in March - Dubai Safari Park
Dubai in March - Dubai Aquarium
Dubai in March- Ski Dubai

6. Ski Dubai

Adventure | Skiing

Relive the chills of the winters and enjoy the thrills of skiing as you step inside the world’s third-largest ski resort – Ski Dubai. Engage in guided skiing and snowboarding activities if you’re an adventure enthusiast at heart. There is also a Snow Park with tobogganing, giant snowballs, and ice sculptures to keep your little ones entertained. 

Dubai in March - Dubai Frame
Dubai in March  - Skydiving

8. Skydiving

Adventure | Skydiving

Whether you are afraid of heights or not, sky diving in Dubai can be the most invigorating experience for you. Jump off from the helicopter as high as you can and feel the thrill of plummeting through the air. Catch yourself spell-bound as you witness the land of wonders while gliding your way down. Don’t miss out on the experience in March when the humidity doesn’t hold you back. 

Dubai in March - Hatta Wadi Hub
Dubai in March - Garden Glow
Dubai in March- Atlantis Waterpark

11. Atlantis Waterpark


This world’s largest park with 79 rides across three towers, 26 marine and watersport encounters, private seashores, cool waterslides, and a kids' play region is nothing but a pure delight for people of all ages. From enjoying in a tube hurtling down a slide to exciting rollercoasters, it’s a perfect place to visit with family and friends in March.

Dubai in March - Miracle Garden

Top Experiences & Things to do in Dubai in March


Events in Dubai in March

Dubai in March - Events

Shopping in Dubai in March

There are no second thoughts about how Dubai and shopping go hand in hand. While Dubai houses a few of the most extravagant malls across the globe, Dubai also possesses a network of traditional markets called the Souks. Souks are breathing examples of Dubai’s rich cultural heritage. Dubai souks have everything to offer you from fervent fragrances, authentic spices to pure gold. While street shopping can be a little too tiring in the months with extreme weather, the pleasant weather of March allows you to experience the raw culture of Dubai without giving you a burn-out.

Know Before You Visit Dubai in March

Travel Essentials
What to Wear
What to Pack
Dubai in March - Travel Essentials
Dubai in March- What to wear

What to Wear in Dubai in March

  • Since the weather conditions are moderate, opting for linen clothes will be a great idea.
  • Women can go for shorts and skirts while keeping in mind that they are not too short or revealing.
  • The nights can be comparatively cooler so carry a jacket or shrug along.
  • The pleasant weather of March is also perfect for sundresses, t-shirts, or jeans as well.

Dubai in March - What to pack

What to Pack in Dubai in March

  • Power Adapter: A type G plug
  • Always carry a water bottle with you at all times.
  • Days in March are sunny enough so do not forget to carry sunscreen, caps, and sunglasses.
  • Ensure you pack sufficient loose-fitted clothes suited for the weather.

Dubai in March - Transport

Getting Around Dubai in March

  • By Metro- This is one of the most popular means of public transport in Dubai. The extensive network of three metro lines is as comfortable as it is affordable.
  • By Bus- Dubai has a well-established network of buses. You can easily get buses every 15-20 minutes. The bus network in Dubai is controlled by the Roads and Transport Authority. The bus facilities connect all the prominent spots of the city thus making commutation easy and affordable. Fares are as low as AED 2.
  •  By Car- You can opt for driving around Dubai if that’s the experience you want to take back home. Vehicles are driven on the right half of the street and you want to have a Visa and global driver's permit assuming you wish to rent a vehicle in Dubai. Beware of the traffic as well.

Dubai in March - Where to stay

Where to Stay in Dubai in March

The range of places to stay in a vibrant city like Dubai is considerably vast. Here are some of the greatest locations to stay if you're looking for a luxurious and unforgettable holiday.

  • Budget Hotels:  Orchid Vue Hotel, Coral Dubai Deira Hotel, Villa Rotana
  • Mid Range Hotels: Orient Guest House, Arabian Courtyard Hotel & Spa, Novotel, XVA
  • Luxury hotels: Ritz Carlton Dubai, Nikki Beach Resort & Spa, Sheraton Dubai Creek, One & Only The Palm

Dubai in March - What to eat

What to eat in Dubai in March

Dubai is well-known for its posh hotels and resorts, but it also has some of the world's best cuisine. Dubai offers something to appeal to everyone's taste buds, whether you're looking for a lavish meal or something more modest.

  • Oozie – If you want to taste some traditional Arabic cuisine, then order an oozie. This dish is a wrap filled with either lamb or chicken and is cooked with spices, making it an unforgettable meal.
  • Falafel- If you're looking for a vegetarian dish, falafel is a great option. This dish is made with chickpeas and is flavorful and filling.
  • Shawarma- Shawarma is a popular sandwich that can be found all over Dubai. The meat is cooked on a spit and is then served in pita bread with vegetables and sauce.


Hacks & Tips to Visit Dubai in March

  • Buy yourself a Nol Card to easily commute around Dubai.
  • Make sure to book your hotel well in advance, as prices tend to spike during peak season.
  • Dubai is a huge city, so make sure to plan your route ahead of time and download a map onto your phone.
  • Download the Dubai Metro app so you can navigate the city's extensive metro system.
  • Taxi fares in Dubai can be expensive, so try and use the metro or taxi sharing apps whenever possible.
  • Be aware that many shops and restaurants close fairly early in Dubai, especially during the winter months.
  • Give yourself at least three days to fully enjoy all the unique attractions in Dubai.

All Your Questions About Visiting Dubai in March Answered

Is March a good time to visit Dubai?

March is a great time to visit Dubai. The pleasant weather conditions allow you to have the most wonderful experience.

What are the best things to do in Dubai in March?

Some of the best things to do in Dubai in March include enjoying the warm weather, going to the beach, and exploring the city's many attractions. Other popular activities include shopping and dining in the many malls and restaurants, as well as taking part in sports and outdoor activities. Whether you're looking for a relaxing holiday or an action-packed adventure, Dubai is the perfect destination in March.

Is Dubai cold in March?

With an average of highs of 74°F and lows of 60°F, Dubai is the perfect place to visit during March.

How hot is Dubai in March?

Dubai is neither too cold nor too hot in the month of March. While the days are warm with temperatures up to 30C, they are much cooler when compared to peak summers.

Can you swim in Dubai in March?

With an average water temperature of 74F, March allows you the most pleasant conditions to swim and enjoy other water sports.

Is it sunny in Dubai in March?

The days in March lack cloud cover and are extremely sunny. You’ll witness an average of 12 hours of daylight and no less than eight hours of sunshine every day.

What clothes to wear in Dubai in March?

Being a sunny month, in March people can wear light and loose-fit clothes like tops and T-shirts with pants or a skirt.

Is it rainy in Dubai in March?

March is not a particularly rainy month in Dubai. Only an average rainfall of 27 mm falls for hardly four days in a month.

Is Dubai expensive to visit?

Dubai isn’t an expensive experience if you plan your visit strategically. March is a good month to visit Dubai as most hotels offers discounts on accommodation.

How safe is Dubai?

General safety in Dubai is extremely high for both residents and travelers. However, petty crimes like theft and pick-pocketing is common in the city.

What can I see in Dubai in March?

Visiting Dubai in March with its dazzling city lights and views of the Dubai skyline is a treat to the eyes. From Burj Khalifa to Dhow Cruise, you have a plethora of options to explore while visiting Dubai.

What are the major events in Dubai in March?

Dubai hosts a great line-up of events in the month of March including the Yohani festival, Taste of Dubai, International boat festival, and Art Dubai.

What is the average temperature in Dubai in March?

The average temperature of Dubai in March is 28°C.