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A Guide to Visiting Dubai in May | Attractions, Malls & More

Visiting Dubai during its off-season in May can be a wonderful way to see the sights of this magnificent city, without the crowds of tourists at every attraction. Since this is the turn of the season, a host of options open up with fun activities like jet-skiing, kayaking, and skydiving. Apart from witnessing Dubai’s prime attractions like the Dubai Frame, the Burj Khalifa, and Ain Dubai, you can also visit one of the city’s premier water parks or check out the many adventure theme parks as well.

Is May a Good Time to Visit Dubai?

As one of the most popular Middle Eastern tourist destinations, Dubai has a range of attractions and activities. Visiting during the off-season is a great way to experience this modern-day oasis, without the usual throngs of tourists.

Dubai in May - Why Visit

Why You Should Visit 

  • May marks the beginning of the off-season in Dubai as the peak tourist season begins to die down and the crowds retreat, leaving the city’s popular attractions relatively less packed and open for convenient exploration.
  • This means that you can avail some great deals on even high-end hotels during May since prices usually drop as temperatures begin to rise and the tourists stop pouring into the city around this time of the year. 
  • Since Eid al Fitr is set to take place on May 1st this year, it will be a great opportunity to taste the traditional delicacies and experience the charm of Dubai’s cultural roots.
  • If you plan to spend your time shopping inside the air-conditioned malls, or “wining and dining” in the city’s finest restaurants - this is the best time of year to visit and avoid the heated outdoors.
Dubai in May - What to Look Out For

What to Look Out For

  • If hot weather bothers you, then the primary disadvantage of visiting Dubai in May is the rising temperatures and heat.
  • But this is a discomfort that can be easily averted if you dress in light, airy clothing with regular hydration and head coverings when out of doors.
  • Additionally, you can beat the heat by taking advantage of the vast array of indoor activities that Dubai offers with its air-conditioned shopping malls and range of restaurants with diverse culinary options.
  • May is also the month of Ramadan, so please be respectful of those who are fasting. Avoid eating and drinking in public during daylight hours. There will be plenty of restaurants and cafes open late into the night, so there will be plenty of food to eat.

Overview of Weather in Dubai in May

Dubai in May - Weather

More About Weather in Dubai in May

How hot is Dubai in May?

May herald the start of the summer season in Dubai. So it can get a bit hot during peak afternoon hours of the day, with the maximum temperature reaching about 37°C.

Can You Swim at Beaches in Dubai in May?

It is a great idea to go swimming at Dubai’s beaches in May. When you’re not indoors, this is a wonderful way to beat the heat during the day and cool off in the waters of the Arabian Gulf.

Does it rain in Dubai in May?

The rate of precipitation in May is next to negligible, at 2.54 mm.

Is Dubai Windy in May?

It can get mildly windy during May, with a breeze flowing from the west.

Best Things to do in Dubai in May

Dubai in May - Burj Khalifa
Dubai in May - Desert Safari
Dubai in May - Dhow Cruise
Dubai in May - Dubai Safari Park
Dubai in May - Dubai Aquarium
Dubai in May - Ski Dubai

6. Ski Dubai

Adventure | Skiing

Enter the wintery wonderland of this standalone Ski Park in Dubai where you can escape the warmth of the daytime hours in May. Immerse yourself in the beautiful landscape of snow and enjoy this premium indoor winter experience in the otherwise warm climate of this Middle Eastern city. Enjoy the Mountain Thriller, build a snowman with your family, or ride the Chairlift over the pristine snowy slopes. The choices are endless!

May Timings:
Sunday to Wednesday: 10 AM to 11 PM
Thursday: 10 AM to 12 AM
Friday and Saturday: 9 AM to 12 AM

Dubai in May - Dubai Frame
Dubai in May - Jet Ski

8. Jet Ski on Jumeirah Beach

Adventure | Watersport

Dubai is well-known for its adventure sports options. One such activity is jet-skiing, which offers a refreshing way to see this city’s landmarks while cooling off in the pleasant waters of the Arabian Gulf. After completing the 1-2 day training course, you’ll be able to jet ski across the waters of Jumeirah Beach and snap pictures in front of Dubai’s glittering skyscrapers. This is certainly the perfect activity for when you visit Dubai in May.

May Timings: 7 AM to 7 PM

Dubai in May - Ain Dubai

9. Ride the Ain Dubai Wheel

City Landmark | Tourist Hotspot

Experience unparalleled views of the gem of the Middle East, and feel the thrill of being suspended 250m in the air inside luxurious, air-conditioned cabins on the Ain Dubai observation wheel. During your ride on the Ain Dubai wheel, you’ll be able to catch sight of the desert in the distance and choose from a luxurious selection of food and beverages. Make the most of a summer day in Dubai with this amazing opportunity to see Dubai from a bird's eye perspective.

May Timings:
Thursday and Friday: 12 PM to 9 PM
Saturday: 12 PM to 6 PM
Sunday: 12 PM to 9 PM
Tuesday and Wednesday: 10 AM to 9 PM

Dubai in May - Kayaking

10. Go Kayaking in Burj Lake

Kayaking | Adventure Activity

Paddle along in kayaks and navigate the cool waters of the expansive 30-acre Burj Lake to refresh your spirits on a warm May day in Dubai. Kayaking at Burj Lake allows you to get up close to the Dubai Fountain, which is the highest performing fountain in the world, reaching a height of 900 ft when operational. During the course of your 30-minute round, try to spot the Ibn Battuta Mall and the iconic Burj Khalifa.

May Timings: 12 PM to 9 PM

Dubai in May - Wild Wadi Waterpark
Dubai in May -Top Golf

12. Top Golf Dubai

Sports | Golf

Top Golf Dubai is a popular tourist destination in Dubai for its world-class golfing facilities, it's no wonder why this place is a hit amongst tourists and locals alike. There's also a great food and beverage selection here, making it the perfect spot to spend an afternoon or evening. Whether you're a golf enthusiast or not, Top Golf is definitely worth a visit when in Dubai! Some of the activities you can do at Top Golf Dubai include golfing, playing arcade games, and enjoying a meal or drink at one of the on-site restaurants or bars.

May Timings: 10 AM - 1 AM

Saturday: 9 AM - 2 AM

Sunday: 9 AM - 1 AM

Top Experiences & Things to do in Dubai in May


Events in Dubai in May

Dubai in May - Events in May

UK Pink Floyd Experience

Venue - Dubai Opera
Date - 13th May 2022
With impressive video projections and a breathtaking light show, the UK Pink Floyd Experience is an authentic atmospheric recreation of a live Pink Floyd performance. Sing along to their hit numbers and be wowed by the spectacular visuals.

Shopping in Dubai in May

You can’t experience the true charm of Dubai without visiting the outdoor Souks for some window shopping and unique finds. We recommend wearing loose-fitting, modest clothes for your excursion to these traditional Arab markets. Do carry a reusable water bottle to avoid dehydration, as well as a tote bag to store your market finds. Even if jewelry isn’t your cup of tea, you certainly shouldn’t skip visiting the Gold Souk as it is considered to be the largest Arabian gold bazaar and is Dubai’s most well-known market. You may also want to consider stopping at the colorful spice souk, the textile souk, the fragrant perfume souk, and Souk Madinat for some unique boutique buys.

Know Before You Visit Dubai in May

Travel Essentials
What to Wear
What to Pack
Dubai in May - Travel Essentials
Dubai in May - What to wear

What to Wear in Dubai in May

  • Given that the weather in Dubai during May can be quite sunny and warm, it is best to dress in light, airy clothes made out of breathable fabrics like cotton and linen. 
  • Protective accessories like sunglasses and hats will go a long way in keeping you (and your outfits) cool! 
  • If you’re planning on heading out for desert safaris, be sure to wear a scarf or cap to keep the sand and wind out of your hair.

Dubai in May - What to pack

What to Pack in Dubai in May

  • Power Adapter: A type G plug
  • Clothes: Knee-length shorts, loose-fitting trousers, long skirts, blouses, light shirts, hats, and scarves. Try to pack modest clothing in breathable fabrics. 
  • Comfortable, open-toed sandals, walking shoes, or flip-flops
  • Swimsuits, sunscreen, and an opaque umbrella for the beach
  • Carry sunglasses and head coverings for the hotter days
  • A comfortable tote bag or backpack to stow your shopping finds and souvenirs

Dubai in May - Transport

Getting Around Dubai in May

  • Buses: Dubai’s extensive bus network connects all the major tourist spots and landmarks in the city. The starting fare of the buses is AED 2, and they run every 15-20 minutes. Major bus stations.
  • Dubai Metro: The Dubai Metro is the world’s longest fully automated metro network, and is one of the most efficient ways to get around the city with its Red and Green lines. Metro timetables.
  • Tram: The Dubai Tram is an essential component of the city’s transport network and is one of the safest modes of transportation. It covers 11 stations from Al Sufouh Road to Jumeirah Beach Road, linking the Dubai Metro and the Palm Monorail. Tram timetables.
  • Marine Taxi: Dubai has a range of water transport options over 5 water routes, which are quick ways to get around while offering scenic views of the city’s attractions. Marine transport timetables.

Dubai in May - Where to stay

Where to Stay in Dubai in May

Dubai offers a range of accommodation choices, from luxurious suites in the best hotels to budget-friendly dormitories. Here are some options you can browse through based on your needs:

  • Luxury hotels - Ritz Carlton Dubai, Nikki Beach Resort & Spa, Sheraton Dubai Creek, One & Only The Palm, Ramada Jumeirah, Grosvenor House Dubai
  • Budget Hotels - Holiday Inn Express Safa Park, Arabian Park Hotel, Citymax Bur Dubai, Royal Ascot Hotel, Fortune Hotel Deira
  • Hostels - UAE Youth Hostel Association, Central Dubai, Hey Beach, Top of Marina, Dubai Beach Host, At The Top
Dubai in May - What to eat

What to eat in Dubai in May

While visiting Dubai, you should get your hands on some of the traditional delicacies and enjoy a taste of true Arab cuisine.

  • Kabsa: You must try kabsa, an Arab dish made out of blended rice with an assortment of vegetables and meat. This dish is often regarded as a national delicacy.
  • Falafel: Found at almost every turn in Dubai and easily the most recognizable food in the city, falafel is essentially a deep-fried ball made from ground chickpeas or fava beans.
  • Al Harees: This traditional dish is served mostly during Ramadan or at weddings and during festivals. It is a potent combination of wheat and meat, seasoned with salt and baked for long hours. 


Hacks & Tips to Visit Dubai in May

  • Since Dubai is a part of the United Arab Emirates, it is recommended that you dress conservatively while outdoors to respect cultural norms. 
  • If you’re packing skirts and shorts, ensure that they reach your knees.
  • Carry a light shrug, shawl, or overshirt if you’re planning to wear sleeveless tops, in order to maintain modesty, and since it can get windy at night.
  • Remember to keep hydrating yourself with water and refresh your lips with chapstick from time to time, to remain moisturized.
  • Applying generous amounts of sunscreen whenever you’re stepping outdoors.
  • Don’t underestimate the usefulness of sunglasses and hats since the sun can be quite harsh in the Middle East.
  • Try to plan your outdoor activities during the earlier or later parts of the day, so that you can spend the majority of the afternoon indoors and away from the heat.
  • Carry a portable hand fan and some rosewater in a misting bottle to cool yourself down while you’re out in the summer heat of the city.

All Your Questions About Visiting Dubai in May Answered

Is May a good time to visit Dubai?

May is a great time to visit Dubai since the city experiences its off-season, which leaves the popular tourist attractions free from crowds and queues.

What are the best things to do in Dubai in May?

May is a great time to visit Dubai, as the weather is perfect for spending time outdoors. Some of the best things to do in Dubai in May include visiting the Dubai Zoo, going on a desert safari, or taking a dip in one of the city's many pools. Whatever you decide to do, you're sure to have a great time in Dubai in May.

Is Dubai cold in May?

No, Dubai is in fact quite warm in the month of May.

How hot is Dubai in May?

Since May is the beginning of the summer season in Dubai, it can get as hot as 37°C during the days.

Can you swim in Dubai in May?

Swimming is a great option while visiting Dubai in May. You can visit the beaches early in the morning or in the late evening - or check out some of Dubai’s premier water parks as well.

Is it sunny in Dubai in May?

Yes, Dubai can get quite sunny in the month of May, but the skies remain mostly clear.

What clothes to wear in Dubai in May?

While visiting Dubai in May, pack loose-fitting, breathable clothes which offer modest coverage but allow you to remain cool as well.

Is it rainy in Dubai in May?

Rain is fairly infrequent in Dubai during May.

Is Dubai expensive to visit?

If you visit Dubai in May, you can get great deals while booking hotels and airlines since it is the off-season and prices tend to drop.

How safe is Dubai?

Dubai is a highly modernized city with a sprawling population. Since it is visited by tourists in large numbers every year, it is a highly monitored city with great general safety in place.

What can I see in Dubai in May?

There are plenty of sights and attractions to see in Dubai in May. Apart from the popular year-round tourist attractions such as the Burj Khalifa, the Ain Dubai, the Dubai Frame (and many more) - you can head to the Dubai Fountain to see the impressive light show of the tallest performing fountain in the world, visit the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, or head to Ski Dubai as well.

What are the major events in Dubai in May?

You can visit Dubai Opera for the Pink Floyd Experience concert consisting of a visual light show and projections that recreate the atmosphere of the band in concert.

What is the average temperature in Dubai in May?

The average high temperature in Dubai in May reaches 37°C, while the average low is 23°C.

What are the best things to do with Kids in Dubai in May?

If you’re visiting Dubai with your kids in May, you can head to the premier water parks in the city for a day of unending thrills. Dubai also houses a variety of adventure theme parks where you and your family can enjoy some exciting rides. Additionally, the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, as well as the Dubai Safari Park are both great educational experiences to learn about wildlife and interact with some majestic creatures of nature up close.