Dubai Safari Park Villages | Explore Animals in Their Own Habitat

DubaiDubai Safari ParkDubai Safari Park Villages

The Dubai Safari Park, located in the Al Warqa desert, is home to over 3,000 animals ranging from the magnificent African Elephant to a striking Arabian wolf. Sprawled across 119-hectares, the Dubai Safari Park offers continent-centered attractions exhibiting rich wildlife from Africa, Asia, and the Arabian Peninsula. 

Be prepared to get up close with the beautiful creatures in UAE’s only drive-through safari and maybe even learn a thing or two about their awesome existence from experienced guides and keepers.

What Are Dubai Safari Park Villages?

The main attractions at the Dubai Safari Park are the culture-rich villages. Brimming with the diversity of a natural jungle, the park has four human-made animal habitats.

dubai safari park

How to Visit Dubai Safari Park Villages?

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Arabian Desert Safari

arabian desert safari dubai safari park

Inside Arabian Desert Safari

Hero Animal
Other Native Animals
arabian wolf dubai safari park

The Arabian Wolf, a direct descendant of the Grey Wolf, is the smallest of all the wolf species. While the other species of wolves hunt in packs, the Arabian Wolf is an interesting exception. They live and hunt in small groups of three or four across the Arabian Peninsula. 

One of the few carnivores on the prowling the desert, the wolf feeds on hares, rodents, and cats. However, these wolves are a menace to farmers. They often go after livestock and kill small domestic animals like goats and chickens, because of which they are often shot, trapped or poisoned. 

Scientific Name: Canis Lupus Arabs

Animal Group: Carnivore

Conservation Status: Vulnerable

Dubai Safari Park
  • Arabian Oryx
  • Addax
  • Arabian Gazelle
  • Sand Gazelle
  • Mountain Gazelle
  • Scimitar-horned Oryx

Asian Village

asian village dubai safari park

Inside Asian Village

Hero Animal
Amazing Creatures of the World
Other Native Animals
moon bear dubai safari park

The Moon Bear, also known as the Asiatic Black Bear, is primarily a herbivore that feeds on insects, grasses, fruits, and nuts. Recognizable from the white crescent-shaped patch on its chest, the moon bear is also known to hunt and eat wild boars, water buffaloes, and domestic livestock. 

Scientific Name: Ursus Thibetanus

Animal Group: Carnivore

Conservation Status: Vulnerable

mandarin ducks dubai safari park
  • Gibbon
  • Southern Cassowary
  • Mandarin Duck 

Explorer Village

explorer village dubai safari park

Inside Explorer Village

Hero Animal
Birds Show
Other Native Animals
cheetah dubai safari park

Among the various breathtaking creatures at the Explorer Village, the Cheetah is the Hero animal. And rightfully so! Considered the fastest mammal, the Cheetah can go from 0-60 miles per hour in under three seconds. 

Slim, light, and highly nimble; Cheetahs prey on deers, gazelles, and impalas in high-speed hunts. If you’re lucky, you can watch the Cheetahs run across the field in the Cheetah Viewing Gallery at the Explorer Village. 

Scientific Name: Acinonyx Jubatus

Animal Group: Carnivore

Conservation Status: Vulnerable

dubai safari park explorer theatre
  • Hippo
  • Giraffe
  • Impala
  • Zebra
  • Wise Owl
  • Rhino
  • African Buffalo
  • Ostrich
  • Tiger
  • Brown Lion
  • Nile Crocodile

African Village

african village Dubai safari park

The African Village displays some of the most intriguing creatures from the vast continent of Africa. This attraction, with a strong African heritage, will give you a true taste of desert wildlife. Home to the world’s largest and smallest mammals, from the African Elephant to the Meerkat, the African Village is a must-see.

What’s more? You can also visit The Grand Aviary (UAE’s largest aviary) to view hundreds of birds from across the globe. Hoping to spot a rare Violet Turaco? Approach one of the guides present to make your bird watching experience a whole lot more interesting. 

Spot the Mona Monkeys and Chacma Baboon present from this season!

Tour Duration: 60-90 minutes

Inside African Village

Hero Animal
Other Native Animals
african elephant dubai safari park

The Hero animal of this village is hard to miss, quite literally. Weighing up to 6,000 kg, the African Elephant is the world’s largest land mammal and a humbling sight to behold. Social and pleasant in demeanor, the African Elephant consumes around 300 pounds of food a day. They typically feed on roots, grasses, fruit, and bark. The average African Elephant can live 60-70 years in all its gigantic glory.

Scientific Name: Loxodonta Africana

Animal Group: Mammal

Conservation Status: Vulnerable

  • White Lion
  • Greater Flamingo
  • Gorilla
  • Burmese Python
  • Spotted Hyena
  • Wood Duck
  • Golden Pheasant

Kids Farm

Dubai Safari Park Kids Farm

Inside Kids Farm

Farm Animals
Dubai safari Kids Farm

Farm Animals at Kids Farm

  • African Love Bird
  • Amazon Parrot
  • Donkey
  • Najdi Sheep
  • Plum-headed Parakeet
  • Pony
  • Eurasian bullfinch
  • Cockatiel
  • Black Hooded Parrot
  • Alexandrine Parakeet

Al Wadi Farm

dubai safari park

Frequently Asked Questions on Dubai Safari Park Villages

How many villages are there at Dubai Safari Park?

Dubai Safari Park has 4 different villages of different habitats and 2 farms for you to relax in.

What are the different villages at Dubai Safari Park?

The different villages at Dubai Safari Park include Arabian Desert Safari, Asian Village, Explorer Village and African Village.

What villages can I visit at Dubai Safari Park?

With your Dubai Safari Park ticket, you can visit any village in the park.

How do I visit the villages at Dubai Safari Park?

You can simply book your Dubai Safari Park ticket and you can access any village at the park.

Are there any regions where I can relax at Dubai Safari Park?

You can relax and unwind at the Al Wadi Farm at Dubai Safari Park. The Kids Farm also offers some interactive activities for your children to enjoy.

How do I cover all the villages at Dubai Safari Park?

You can approach any of the staff members at Dubai Safari Park to help you plan your day and find your way around the park. You can also keep the Dubai Safari Park Map handy to make sure you know where you are at any time.