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Ain Dubai Entrance | Visit the World-Famous Ferris Wheel at Bluewaters Island

Introduced by Dubai Holding, Ain Dubai is one of the world's largest and tallest Ferris wheels. Ain Dubai stands at a height of 250 meters and draws crowds throughout the year. We’ve put together a quick guide on the Ain Dubai entrance to give you a seamless experience. Here’s what you need to know.

Where is Ain Dubai?

The magnificent Ferris wheel is located on Bluewaters Island close to Dubai Marina in Dubai. It is right next to the Jumeirah Beach Residence and can be seen from miles away.

Address: Bluewaters Island, Dubai, United Arab Emirates | Find on maps

How Do I Enter Ain Dubai?

You will find the main entrance to Ain Dubai opposite Caesars Palace. Walk inside the glass building after which you will notice a long queue. This is a mandatory security check which you will have to go through. Once you’re done, you can either display your digital ticket or purchase one at the counter. After this, head up the escalator towards the capsules.

ain dubai entrance

Ain Dubai Entrance Explained | Location and Getting There

Perched on the stunning Bluewaters Island, Ain Dubai provides a 360-degree view of Dubai. The Bluewaters Island is about 500 meters away from Dubai Marina and lies on the Jumeirah Beach coastline. There is only one main Ain Dubai entrance, which is opposite Caesars Palace on Bluewaters Island. The entrance is located near the ticket office. Keep in mind that there is a mandatory security check for all visitors at the entrance.

ain dubai entrance
ain dubai entrance
ain dubai entrance

Average Wait Time

We recommend that you reach Ain Dubai at least 45 minutes before your ride because you will have to go through a mandatory security check which will take some time. Weekends are generally very crowded, as are public holidays. The winter months generally see a lot of crowd in comparison to the rest of the year. We suggest visiting on a weekday before 5 PM to avoid crowds.

Disabled Access

Ain Dubai is an accessible venue for disabled people. Individuals using wheelchairs can easily access the place as it has multiple ramps and lifts. The cabins are designed to ensure the safety and security of all guests. Additionally, all the capsules have an intercom, CCTV camera, fire sensors, and fire extinguishers in case of an emergency. 

Wheelchairs are also available for guests on an availability basis.

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Frequently Asked Questions About the Ain Dubai Entrance

Q. Where is Ain Dubai?

A. Ain Dubai is situated on the Bluewaters Island in Dubai.

Q. Where is the Ain Dubai entrance?

A. The main entrance to Ain Dubai is located opposite Caesars Palace on Bluewaters Island.

Q. How many Ain Dubai entrances are there?

A. There is only one Ain Dubai entrance.

Q. Which is the best Ain Dubai entrance?

A. Ain Dubai has only one main entrance for all visitors. A spectacular ride awaits you once you get inside your capsule!

Q. What is the average wait time at the Ain Dubai entrance?

A. You will have to wait about 40 to 45 minutes to get inside the attraction. This is because there is a mandatory security check before you can enter.

Q. Which Ain Dubai entrance do skip the line ticket holders use?

A. Unfortunately, there are no skip the line tickets for this attraction.

Q. Which Ain Dubai entrance is used for guided tours?

A. There are no guided tours for Ain Dubai.

Q. Which Ain Dubai entrance do I use if I have already purchased the tickets?

A. All visitors must go through the same line to enter Ain Dubai.

Q. Which Ain Dubai entrance do I use if I don't have tickets?

A. Visitors without a ticket must go through the security check and buy tickets from the counters at the end of the line.

Q. How can I avoid waiting in line at the Ain Dubai entrance for a long time?

A. For a speedy entry, book your tickets online and in advance. It also helps to visit on a weekday when crowds are lesser.

Q. What are the Ain Dubai timings?

A. The Ain Dubai timings are from 10 AM to 9 PM between Tuesday and Wednesday and 12 PM to 9 PM between Thursday to Sunday. It is closed on Mondays and some public holidays. The timings may vary during the holy month of Ramadan.

Q. What time should I visit Ain Dubai to avoid waiting in line?

A. To avoid waiting in long lines, we suggest visiting Ain Dubai on a weekday before 5 or 6 PM or in the mornings just when the attraction opens.