A Close Look at What's Inside the Museum of the Future


When we hear the word museum, most of us might visualize the rusty artifacts and exhibits from the bygone past. The Museum of the Future is changing that notion about museums. This museum helps you embark upon a journey to the unpredictable future. So what makes this museum so special other than the fact that it takes you to the future? Let’s take a look inside the Museum Of The Future and find out all about the exciting experiences it houses.

Discovering What’s Inside The Museum Of The Future

The interiors of MOTF are as beautiful as how it looks outside. The museum, which spans over 30,000 sq m, houses experiences and exhibitions about futuristic ideas and innovations. So, let us discover in detail what the museum holds for you!


As you start your tour of the exhibitions inside the museum, don’t forget to take a pause and take a sneak peek at the jaw-dropping lobby of the building. 

Calligraphy Panels

As you enter the museum, the enormous lobby welcomes you with the floating animal-themed aerobes that roam around the vast atrium.  As you take your eyes from these floating robo-creatures, your eyes will widen at the sight of white panels that constitute the roof and encase the beautiful Arabic Calligraphy that brings in the sunlight to create a glowing pattern in the interiors!

Drop Pod

Once you take in all the sights of the interiors in the lobby, hop into a drop pod that’ll take you to the first chapter. You’ll be taken from the lobby to the fifth floor, which is where the first chapter begins. Before getting into the pod, do not forget to take a pause at the cafeteria and wave at the robot barista. 

Chapter 5: Level 1: Future Heroes  

The last chapter, which is located on the 1st floor, is a dedicated futuristic play space for kids. Here, the children can let their imagination grow wider. By introducing some missions and games, the museum aims at developing future proof skills among the kids that will help them in the later years.

Chapter 4: Level 2: Tomorrow Today  

This floor is a celebration of the technology that could revamp the future. The floor mainly exhibits the gadgets and innovations that could help you overcome challenges and shape a positive future. 

Futuristic Technology

Level 2 of the museum, Tomorrow Today, focuses on technology. This part of the museum aims to educate you about the power of technology in transforming the way we live through the exhibits showcased here. This chapter also highlights how researchers, designers, etc., are reacting to the technological advancements of the present time and how technology can be used to shape a better future.

Viewing Deck

This floor also opens the door to some magnificent sights. The floor lets you enter the viewing deck, which takes you outside through the inner shell of the museum. The view from the deck is spectacular as you get to see the half curve of the museum as well as the views from there. 

Chapter 3: Level 3: Al Waha  

Al Waha, or Oasis in English, is a series of experiences that could heal your mind and body. You can take a break from digital mediums and enjoy a healing experience.

Make A Wish Pool

Chapter 3 showcases a pool, where you can make a wish for the future. 

Sensory Room

The Oasis is a spa for your senses. Here, they’ve arranged sensory rooms and activities that can soothe your mind by disconnecting you from technology. 

Chapter 2: Level 4: The Heal Institute  

As you finish chapter 1 and move on to chapter 2, Heal Institute, you’ll be welcomed with a view of futuristic Dubai, possibly in 2071. This view shows how Dubai will be in the near future. 

The Garden

The Garden

The Heal Institute uses advanced augmented reality and virtual reality technologies to give you a preview of genetically modified digital Amazon Forest. You can expect to experience the real sounds and sights of the forest and thus, experience the wonders of nature. The experience will teach you the after-effects of the changing climatic conditions and how humans can rectify them. 

Vault Of Life

The Heal Institute’s next part is a DNA vault, which is named the Library of Life. Here, you’ll find more than 2000 species locked in glass jars where you can see even the minute details, which otherwise are hard to see. These glass jars are illuminated by some light which makes the sight even more beautiful. 

Ecosystem Simulator

Level 4 also showcases an ecosystem simulator, which is a laboratory that tests how a new species can bring change to the environment.

Chapter 1: Level 5: OSS Hope 

Chapter 1 of your tour is a space expedition, where you’ll be taken to outer space, which is 600 km above the earth and then to the OSS Hope station. The experience aims at highlighting the possibilities of human space travel in the future and includes:

Space Shuttle Simulation

Orbital Space Station or OSS Hope, chapter 1 of the museum experience, is a journey to space. Here, you’ll experience what life in outer space is like, by taking a ride to space. It includes a shuttle simulation, with all the realistic sound and processes followed during a real space shuttle take-off. You’ll get to enjoy the aerial views of Dubai as well as outer space through the panels of the shuttle.

Space Station Command Center

When you reach the OSS Hope station, which is on the 5th floor of the museum, you’ll enter the command center of the station. Here, take time to explore the missions undertaken by the station, monitor the projects, and more. 

Pioneer Application

Here, you are also guided to missions that are hiring recruits, and you can also apply to be a part of those missions. You can apply for any role you like. Two portals introduce the mission to the recruits, and you’ll be given duties such as Asteroid Fleet Pilot, Junior Bio Designer on the orbit of the earth, and more.

Can I Go Inside the Museum Of The Future? 

The Museum Of The Future was opened to visitors after its grand opening ceremony on 22 February 2022. Since its opening, it has seen a large number of visitors every day as it houses a number of interesting experiences and exhibitions , and futuristic technologies. By purchasing Museum Of The Future tickets, visitors can go inside and spend their time exploring the attraction and admiring the amazing architecture of the newly opened attraction. A visit to the Museum Of The Future is a great way to spend a day in Dubai.

How To Book Museum of the Future Tickets & Tours?

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Frequently Asked Questions About What’s Inside Museum of the Future

Q. What's inside the Museum Of The Future?

A. The Museum Of The Future is spanned over seven floors with five chapters. Inside Museum Of The Future, each chapter exhibits different concepts such as technology, climate change, etc., and how it is going to be in the future. 

Q. Can you take a tour inside the Museum Of The Future?

A. Yes, you can book your tickets and tour inside the Museum Of The Future.

Q. How many floors are there in the Museum Of The Future?

A. The Museum Of The Future has seven floors.

Q. How many chapters or levels are there in the Museum Of The Future?

A. The floors of the building of the Museum Of The Future are divided into five chapters.

Q. What is there in Level 1 of the Museum Of The Future?

A. Level one of the Museum Of The Future houses the chapter 1 experience, the future heroes. This experience is primarily meant for the kids. 

Q. What is there in Level 2 of the Museum Of The Future?

A. Level 2, or chapter 4 of the Museum Of The Future, is all about technology and how it can help shape a positive future.

Q. What is there in Level 3 of the Museum Of The Future?

A. Al Waha or the Oasis. Chapter 3, or Level 3 of the Museum Of The Future, is a wellness center for the body and mind. 

Q. What is there in Level 4 of the Museum Of The Future?

A. Heal Institute, where you’ll experience the digital amazon and connect with nature's hidden species’.

Q. What is there in Level 5 of the Museum Of The Future?

A. Level 5, or the first chapter of the Museum Of The Future, is the journey to space. 

Q. Can you take pictures in the Museum Of The Future?

A. Yes, you can take pictures in the Museum Of The Future without using the camera flash.