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The Museum of the Future in Dubai is all about technology and innovation. Distinctive architecture, interactive exhibits and a deep dive into cutting-edge tech like AR, VR, and robotics, this isn't just a museum, it's a portal to the future. Perfe...

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The museum is powered entirely by solar energy. Its roof is covered with 4,000 solar panels that generate enough electricity to meet the entire facility's needs.

Inside the museum, you'll find a robot-operated cafe where robotic arms serve meals and drinks to visitors.

The exterior façade of the Museum of the Future is covered in an illuminated Arabic calligraphy style called “Tuluth” which showcases quotes from the UAE's Founding Father, Sheikh Zayed.

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History of the Museum of the Future

History of Museum Of The Future

The plans to establish the museum were announced in 2015 by Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Prime Minister of UAE and the ruler of Dubai.

On 7th February 2016, he inaugurated the MOTF exhibition during the World Government Summit. Later, in April the same year, he launched the Dubai Future Foundation, and the museum became a part of this. The museum was temporarily opened in Madinat Jumeirah in 2017 and 2018 as a part of the World Government Summits.

After these temporary openings and launches, the museum's official opening ceremony was finally conducted on 22nd February 2022. 

What are the Sustainability Solutions Showcased at the Museum of the Future? 

About Museum Of The Future

With its focus on sustainability, the Museum Of The Future has dedicated one of its floors to the cause of climate change and its effects on global warming. It explores the possibility of the collection of solar energy in space and asteroid mining.

Its design and functionality also echo similar sensibilities. Museum Of The Future has a low-carbon building with innovations and strategies involving a parametric design and a passive solar architecture to recover energy and water. The building also has a smart irrigation system for optimum water usage and to minimize water wastage. Besides, the building will have greywater recycling systems, building control solutions, and regenerative drive lifts, and the power needed for the same will be sourced from photovoltaic solar arrays. The calligraphy on the exterior acts as windows to allow sunlight to seep in.

What’s Inside the Museum of the Future?

The MOTF, across its seven floors and five chapters, offers a wide range of experiences to visitors. Find out what's inside Museum Of The Future.

Museum Of The Future OSS Hope

OSS Hope

A visit to the museum helps you experience what living in outer space is like. It has a spaceship named Hope, with screens resembling the windows showing breathtaking views while lifting off. As you start the trip to space, you will enjoy the aerial views of Dubai's iconic attractions. Before moving closer to space, you’ll see our planet's atmosphere and other objects in space. The four-minute journey ends at the Orbital Space Station or OSS, which is situated on the 5th floor of the building and depicts a station that is 600 km above our planet. Find out the technological discoveries and OSS missions at the station's command centers.

Museum Of The Future Heal Institute

Heal Institute

Spread across the 4th floor, get a chance to learn about nature and the natural ecosystem in a deeper way. Here, a large screen plays a video clip shot from the real rainforests of the Amazon. Through this, the museum is trying to educate the visitors about the climate change resulting from deforestation and global warming. The DNA Library, a part of the Heal institute, provides visitors with insights about different species in nature. It showcases more than 2400 varieties of species in glass cases, including angiosperms, mammals, and more. In this exhibition, you’ll be given a device to collect any species to understand whether it is endangered or not.

Museum Of The Future Al Waha

Al Waha

Located on the 3rd floor, Al Waha is a futuristic spa where visitors can immerse themselves in meditation and enjoy a digital detox. In the spa, you’ll be greeted with a vapor that pours from a structure similar to a fountain. Besides, the exhibit will also help you reconnect with your mind, soul, and other human senses by providing you with some soothing experiences using virtual reality.

Museum Of The Future Tomorrow Today

Tomorrow Today

Explore the 2nd floor if you want to take a ride through technological developments to understand how the researchers and designers are handling the present challenges. Learn how to tackle the cultural, environmental, political, and social issues to ensure the earth has a positive future through the technological knowledge you have.

Museum Of Future Future Heroes

Future Heroes

Future Heroes is a dedicated space for the kids on Floor 1 where kids get a chance to explore and discover a futuristic world. However, instead of a playground, the building has an imaginary lab where the children can build and hone the skills that will help them imagine and design their future. The display also aims to promote a future-like environment and focus on problem-solving skills in children.

Frequently Asked Questions About Museum of the Future Dubai

Q. What is the Museum Of The Future?

A. The Museum of The Future is an exhibition space to showcase the innovations and other products that will shape the future. Unlike other museums, MOTF is a living museum where the exhibit contents are renewed based on the development in the technological sector.

Q. What is Museum Of The Future famous for?

A. The Museum of The Future is famous for its beautiful design as well as the inside attractions that show the visitors how the world, especially Dubai, will be 50 years from now. 

Q. Why should I visit the Museum Of The Future?

A. A visit to this museum doesn’t take you to the past, as museums usually do. Rather it will show how the future is going to be, through the exhibits, virtual reality, and products showcased there. 

Q. How do I book tickets to visit the Museum Of The Future?

A. It is important to book your Museum Of The Future tickets in advance to enjoy a hassle-free experience. The best way to get your Museum Of The Future tickets is by booking them online. 

Q. How much does a Museum Of The Future ticket cost?

A. There are multiple Museum Of The Future tickets available online, starting from AED 145. For more information, please check the ticket details before purchasing.

Q. Where is the Museum Of The Future located?

A. It is located in UAE, in Sheikh Zayed Road, near the Emirates Towers area. It looms over Dubai's famous driverless metro system. 

Q. Who built the Museum Of The Future?

A. It is an initiative under DFF (Dubai Future Foundation). It was built by the BuroHappold Engineering firm of the UK. 

Q. Who designed the Museum Of The Future?

A. Killa designs, a local architecture firm in Dubai designed the Museum Of The Future.

Q. When did the Museum Of The Future open?

A. The Museum Of The Future was opened after its grand opening ceremony on 22 February 2022. 

Q. What’s inside the Museum Of The Future?

A. The Museum Of The Future encases several exhibitions of visions and innovations of the future. The exhibits in the museum, such as the space station, and Al Waha, take you to a future world.

Q. What are the MOTF opening hours?

A. The museum is open from 10 AM to 6 PM daily. 

Q. Why is Museum Of The Future important?

A. The Museum Of The Future or MOTF is a living museum. Hence the exhibits are continuously renewed based on technological advancements. A visit to this place will make you think about the problems we face in the present day and how we can rectify it with the help of technology in the future. 

Q. What does the calligraphy of the Museum Of The Future mean?

A. The calligraphy words are taken from the poems written by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Prime Minister of Dubai. The words roughly translate to “We won't live for hundreds of years, but we can create something that will last for hundreds of years.”

Q. Is it worth visiting the Museum Of The Future?

A. Yes, the Museum Of The Future is worth visiting as it gives you an insight into the future and visitors get to spend an amazing time.