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Museum of the Future: Dubai's Technology-Themed Museum

The name of the city of Dubai has rapidly developed as not just a commercial hub, but as one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Dubai has developed an uncanny knack for keeping travelers on their toes by introducing unique, never-seen-before attractions and experiences such as the Burj Khalifa, the world’s longest zipline, an assortment of theme parks, and much more. A new addition to the roster is the revolutionary Museum of the Future, a platform dedicated to learning and creating innovative solutions for the betterment of the future. One look at its unusual design and it will immediately pull you in. 

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The Museum of the Future Dubai is dedicated to futuristic creativity, and its oblong torus, corner-less design itself stands as a testament to it.

museum of the future dubai


Despite its ultra-modern appearance, the Museum of the Future wasn’t built to showcase fancy gadgets. The museum was built to act as an accelerator program for technological achievements in the key fields of healthcare, climate change, and food security. The rationale behind this museum is firmly etched in making the experience as immersive as possible, to provide visitors with an insight into problems and solutions for the future. This is why it was decided that a large part of the museum will feature exhibits that let the visitors gain hands-on experience. A major factor that sets the museum apart from others is that it is completely sustainable, from its construction to its exhibits.

museum of the future dubai


The unique structure of the building was conceptualized by Killa Designs, whose architects have deemed this project to be an ambitious one. Cutting-edge technology has been leveraged to come up with its fiercely original oval-shaped structure that is adorned with Arabic calligraphy and features a large empty space in the center. This design was made possible by thousands of interlocking steel and fiberglass triangles, none of which are identical in dimension. From the basement to the top floor, the building has seven levels that are column-free, thanks to the diagrid exoskeleton and composite concrete flooring. Given the unprecedented design, the construction of the Museum of the Future required as many as 12 complex structural models.

museum of the future dubai


The creators of this scientific wonder have stayed true to their initial vow of dedicating the Museum of the Future to key aspects of human existence. Four floors of the structure are slated to focus on the possible futures of outer space resource evolution, ecosystems and bioengineering, health, and spirituality. Another floor will showcase upcoming technological advancements that would be able to aid humanity in solving problems related to food, water, and healthcare. Previous exhibitions in this space have focused on hot topics like Artificial Intelligence, the effects of climate change, and bionic technology. An exhibition of similar scientific significance is expected to be put up when the Museum of the Future takes the center stage at the Dubai Expo.

Frequently Asked Questions About Museum of the Future Dubai

Q. Is the Museum of the Future in Dubai open?

A. The Museum of The Future is set to open soon.

Q. What is the theme of the Museum of the Future in Dubai?

A. The Museum of The Future is a technology themed-museum in Dubai.

Q. Who designed the Museum of the Future?

A. The Museum of The Future is a HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum initiative.

Q. Where can I find Museum of the Future tickets?

A. The Museum of The Future is set to open soon. Once open, you can find Museum of the Future tickets online.